One of the great yoga teachers of the modern age, Mr Gogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar told my own teacher, Jenny Beeken: “Postures help you grow old gracefully.”

Become more supple, mobile, youthful and energised.
By practicing yoga on a regular basis, you’ll find that your body will learn to become more mobile and supple, plus you’ll feel a growing sense of mental energy and vitality. In addition, the measured breathing that goes hand-in-hand with yoga movements will help you to relax and find inner stillness. Thus by combining yoga postures and yoga breathing together, your mind and body will enjoy a greater sense of harmony and well-being.
Fit yoga into your lifestyle.
Whether you’re in full-time work or have free time each day, it’s well worth putting dedicated time aside for yourself on your yoga mat – and if you have a few minutes of quiet time to practice every morning and evening, then the benefits will be even greater.
Benefits on a daily basis.
Taking one or more yoga classes a week will help you to learn postures and breathing in the correct manner, so that you can enjoy the benefits of experiencing a growing awareness of your physical and mental self. Over time, you’ll subconsciously adopt postures and breathing techniques that will improve your well-being on a daily basis – in fact one Calmer Yoga client remarked that she became physically taller simply by becoming aware of the alignment of her head and neck, her shoulders and spine, and by listening to her breath.
Addressing your needs.
Many Calmer Yoga clients who participate in a variety of sports (such as tennis, golf and equestrian events) have been delighted by the positive feedback their bodies have given them! Joints, limbs and muscles have become more flexible and supple, whilst aches and pains from old injuries have eased and lessened.
Helping to reduce Depression, Stress and Anxiety.
Learning to practice physical yoga moves in combination with correct breathing induces a state of relaxation and calm, along with a heightened sense of mind and body awareness – so no matter how you feel on arrival at class, with the encouragement of your Calmer Yoga teacher and the close observation of your body and mind, you’ll soon feel more relaxed and able to deal with the pressures of life – plus, of course, you’ll learn life-long coping strategies that you can use in all aspects of daily living.

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