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You’ll be encouraged to work within your own individual capabilities and individual potential – and you will never be asked to undertake yoga work that you feel to be beyond your current abilities.
Guidance through a series of postures.
At the beginning of your class (maximum four persons), you will be invited to rest on your yoga mat (provided by Calmer Yoga) so that you can focus on your breathing for between 5 and 10 minutes, this will enable your mind and body to become calm, and create a physical space between the days activities and the yoga practice. During this period of calm and reflection, Stephanie will introduce mindfulness techniques to your practice, preparing the mind for the postures and breathwork which will follow.
Then, for approximately 50 minutes, you’ll be taught a number of postures in either seated, lying or kneeling positions. These range from forward, side or back-bends to core work through stretching and toning the body. Postures are taught in sequences and there are frequent opportunities for clients to relax.
At the end of the class there is a 10 to 15 minutes guided meditation (shivasana) during which you will be encouraged to listen to Stephanie, and focus on your physical body and your mind, thereby enabling you to achieve deep relaxation. The soothing sounds of a Tibetan Singing Bowl (which creates a harmonious sound and vibration), will bring your mind and body back into focus, preparing you for the day or evening ahead.

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