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Located in the garden of Stephanie Benson’s home, the studio is peaceful, quiet and tranquil, and has lovely views of the surrounding Cheshire countryside – the perfect location, in fact, for serene, soothing yoga classes!
Alternately, if you would like you can share your class with a small group of friends or have a 1:1 at the studio or at your home.
Stephanie also runs a regular yoga class once a week in Alderley Edge to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Payment for the class is voluntary and donations go directly to the charity.
In January 2017 Stephanie will be introducing a pregnancy yoga course to her programme.
Lessons from a fully qualified yoga teacher.
Your teacher, Stephanie Benson, is a fully qualified Hatha Yoga Teacher, and during each class, she will take you through a series of postures and movements that will gently exercise your body, bringing flexibility and ease to joints and limbs. Combined with breathing exercises undertaken at the same time, you should experience a heightened awareness of body and mind that will enable you to go about your daily life with more vitality, energy and enthusiasm than ever before.
Integrating Mindfulness into yoga classes.
Stephanie integrates mindfulness into her yoga classes  at the beginning of each session. At the start of the class you will be taught how to “arrive and centre”, in readiness for your mindfulness practice. You will be shown how to “anchor to your breath”, and “label distractions”, and finally how to “allow and let go”. Learning how to focus on the present moment enhances your awareness of yourself and others. This non-judgmental, non critical process is a perfect addition to your yoga practice, bringing a sense of peace, clarity and understanding to both your internal and external world within class and afterwards.
Creating your own daily yoga programme.
Stephanie will also teach you how to undertake your own daily yoga programme, comprising as little as 5 to 10 minutes of daily practice both in the morning and evening. This can be sufficient to maintain energy levels, enhance well-being, and bring a sense of calmness to mind and body that will enrich you immeasurably during waking and sleeping hours.
Teaching that responds to your personal needs.
When you first come to a Calmer Yoga class, you’ll be asked to fill in in a Health Questionnaire. Based on the information you give, you’ll receive the personal guidance appropriate to your needs and abilities during the class. You don’t need to bring any equipment with you – it’s all provided – but please wear loose and relaxing clothing so that you can move comfortably and relax completely.

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