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“Having tried various types of exercise over the years, I am convinced that yoga has many more benefits than anything else. It has given me tremendous freedom on many levels.” (Retired)

“I never thought yoga would be for me as I thought it would be too slow, how wrong can you be! The active practise along with the mindfulness and meditation makes me feel fantastic, so much so that I wish I could attend class everyday.” (Teaching Assistant)

“Having started yoga with Stephanie just over a year ago, I have benefited so much. I am much more flexible, and feel much more relaxed. I can not thank Stephanie enough, her classes are so enjoyable…” (Carer)

“Having attended Steph’s classes for over two years I would heartily recommend her yoga teaching! I love the lessons, and am more aware of my posture and breathing, have improved digestion, and sleep much better.
I am always energised after class no matter how long or how stressful the day has been, and all the everyday damage from work and horse riding is made comfortable!
Thank you Steph.” (Dentist and Equestrian)

“A series of big life changes led me to seek respite for my mind, body and soul. I was completely new to yoga, but here I am 6 months on and counting and loving it. I am amazed to have so much energy and inner peace! Stephanie is a brilliant teacher, I am lucky to have found her.” (Property Maintenance)

“From the first class it was clear that I had met a very caring, open and highly skilled teacher. Stephanie has extensive knowledge and understands how to unlock the yogi in me, yet her approach means class is always fun. Her studio is such a gorgeous space for it all to happen. I really look forward to class each week.” (Artist)

“I doubt I would have stuck with yoga if it weren’t for Stephanie. Classes have not only my overall sense of well-being and zest for life but I have also felt comfortable to begin addressing a specific trauma. Sometimes that is challenging but having total confidence in Stephanie’s teaching means I can focus on working through at my own pace, and really enjoy my progress.” (PR and Marketing)

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